Carlos Martiel (Cuba)


Carlos Martiel from Cuba at Art League Houston photo courtesy of Craig Armutt

Carlos Martiel graduated from the Academia Nacional de Artes Plasticas in “San Alejandro”, La Habana Cuba (2008-2009) with a focus in “Arte Conducta” taught by artist Tania Btugera.

His recent performances have taken places at art spaces and galleries around the world such as “Mares/de la Bilis al Fuego”, Peras de Olmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina. “Vanishing Point” (2013) Museo Nitsch, Nápoles, Italy. “Hijo Prodigo” (2013), Teatro LUX, Guatemala City. “Mares” (2012), Project Room, Quito, Ecuador. “Simulacro” (2012) Centro de Arte Contemporáneo “Wifredo Lam”, La Habana, Cuba. He participated in “La Otra Bienal” (2013), Bogotá, Colombia. Bienal Internacional de Performance Deformes (2012), Santiago de Chile. Oncena Bienal de la Habana (2012), 6th Bienal de Liverpool (2010), United Kingdom. XXXI Bienal de Pontevedra (2010),Galicia, Spain.

Carlos has received several awards including “Arte Laguna” in Venice, Italy (2013), “Premio Close Up” in Vallarta, México (2012). Furthermore, he has exhibited works in Cuba, Canadá, Italy, Estonia, Liverpool, Spain, USA, Senegal, Argentina, México, Guatemala, Colombia, Ecuador, Brasil, France, Germany, Bilbao,
Greece and several other countries.

Carlos Martiel focuses in specific chapters designed to intensify our perception of social inequality, encouraging the general public to adopt, inevitably, an ideological position that carries within footprints of a determined situation, of a specific context. His actions are linked to a high percentage of causticity, assuming the risks of denounce, the taste of combustion, recalling disgraceful situations, alarming signs of deep existential pain in which contemporary society debates.