Marcel Sparmann (Germany)

Marcel Sparmann at NotsuoH, photo courtesy of Alex Barber

Marcel Sparmann at NotsuoH, photos courtesy of Alex Barber



Marcel Sparmann is a live artist born in Gera, Germany. He studied Theatre and Performance Art at the University of Hildesheim and Environmental Art at Glasgow School of Art. His specific interest reaches across the media spectrums and includes influences from dance, spatial based art, video and installation. This approach has led him to develop a specific understanding for shared spaces and situations which could be seen as ephemeral intersections between political, philosophical and social based questions. He works as a performer and teacher in solo and collaborative projects all over Europe. Until 2013 he also worked as a teacher and assistant director for PAS| Performance Art Studies
Artist Statement:

Gestures, sign language and all kind of body based communication are for me the vocabulary I’m researching on. My artistic interest focuses mainly on the creation of intense situations, compressed and intimate spaces which can be then used as a display. I’m looking for a visual and action based language which embodies audience, the aspect of time and non-time and the shared space. Especially the space becomes an emotional environment which contains common memory and the navigation in between them.
I’m searching for simplicity of images and actions which carry a pure aesthetic and special temperature, comparable with natural phenomenon which I perceived as a result from a more natural approach.
Recently I have been working increasingly with the concept of ‘radicalism’ beside the apparent political or religious context. I’m rather interested in the positive and enervating intersections between objects and actions which can be then called ‘radically’.

Marcel Sparmann Blauverschiebung No3 2010 Leipzig. Video courtesy of Galerie Kub.



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