Josh Urban Davis

Josh Urban Davis – Drawing The Perfect Line Pt. 2 from Lone Star Explosion on Vimeo.

Born during a cyclical perception of time between the fifth and sixth dimensions, Davis’s parents, causality and chaos, momentarily collided at the birth of reason, resulting in a cataclysmic rupture in the neural network of the universe’s consciousness. The heavens vomited the stars, the spheres, both terrestrial and abstract, collapsed upon themselves, and the purpose of reason was brought before the heavenly court. In the tumultuous aftermath of this collision, from the haggard strands of universal fiber was born a tesseract that wrinkled the fabric of the universe. It is the reverberations of this tawdry manifold that ripped apart the cycles of the universal reason and buckled the fog of causality upon itself, resulting in an error, a glitch which disrupted the cyclical nature of reality. The circle of time unwound and became a line.This disturbed the elder gods of mercy very deeply, who awakened from their eternal slumber beneath the surface of Io and trapped the helpless anomaly within a bell jar made from the hopes of lost children. He stayed there, crawling, struggling, cringing until the dust had cloaked him, desolating his mobility like a slimy worm in a clay funnel. The vibrations of the anomaly’s demise echoed throughout existence and occasionally took the form of a three dimensional Khaler manifold in a nine dimensional compacted space.Josh Urban Davis is one of these tawdry vibrations.

Trying to Sit, 2013. Documented by Jonatan Lopez



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