Sway Youngston and Christine Cook, Perpetual Dawn, 2012. Continuum Live Art Series Opening Night. Image courtesy of Hilary Scullane

Continuum is social sculpture formed by collection of artists in Houston connected in the desire to help and encourage each other’s self discovery through performance, as well as a desire to give the gift of performative expression to others. Continuum aspires to create an encouraging and safe atmosphere for each other as well as the community to explore and express themselves through the medium of performance art.

Continuum artists participating in LSX 2014 are: Tina McPherson, Koomah, Raindawg, Hilary Scullane, Evan McCarley, Emily Sloan, Manola Maldonado, David B. Collins, Jana Whatley, Neil Ellis Orts, Emmanuel Nuno Arambula, Nikki Thornton, Kristen Keillman and David McClain.

Submission (Highlights) Documented by Baltazar Canales



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