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Please click on and fill out this form if you would like to be a volunteer for the 2014 event. Without our volunteers the Houston Biennale would not be possible. In our previous festivals we have had over 60 volunteers, including Renee Dillenseger- Performer/ Performance Coordinator for Rodney Dickson
Kevin Rue- Musician- Synthesisers, and assisting with Sound
Stane Hubert- Musician- Percussion and Poetry reading
Richie Hubscher -Musician- Singing, Guitar
Greg Cruz- Musician- Bass
Steve Boriack -Photographer, and Laser lights
Ador Charming- Photographer/ Videographer, bringing Trans-am Car
BAM BAM Derek Snell – Performer/ volunteer
Josh Jackson- +1 Performer/ volunteer
Elisabeth Jackson- Performer/ volunteer
Thuy Linh Cornett- + 1 Performer/ volunteer
Rich Adler- Bringing Motorcycle
Mark Dobson- Bringing Motorcycle
Sabrina Sin- +1 Model
Patricia Sanchez- Model
Rebekah Herzberg- Model
Stacy Cone- Model
Chelsea Lieder- Model
Christine Satterwhite- Model
Bobby Younce- Model Richard Clark – performer
David L. Davis- performer
Heather Korb- performer
Mackenzie Maulpin- performer
David McClain- performer
Tina McPherson – performer
Dena Yanowski- performer
Sway Youngston- performer
Jeanie Low- performer
Steve Patlan- performer- photographer
Stephanie Saint Sanchez- performer
Alex Barber- photographer
Kay Kane- Vendor
Ashley Canright -Vendor
Angela Fann Psychokitty- Vendor
Candy Caine- Vendor
Stephanie Golden- bikini model
Jack Shultz- BMW motorcycle
Eli & Melissa Self – Trans-am Car/ volunteer
Herb Melichar- photographer
Emilie Dejonckheere- performer
Dawn Bell- costume design
Greg Henry- performer



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